Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Student Advocacy Challenge Winners!

(picture taken at 2011 National Student Conclave)
This year the physical therapy students at the University of Colorado have worked very hard advocating for issues we felt were important. We have held various events in order to increase awareness and educate legislators on important issues regarding our profession. We hosted state legislators on campus, met with state lobbyists, held “lunch-and-learn” lectures and have been committed to writing letters to our legislators. The most exciting experience was the 1st annual CU PT student Legislative Day at the Colorado state capitol. On that day, thirty students from our DPT program met with legislators in small groups and spoke about important issues involving the sunset of our practice act.  We also had students attend the CO Government Affairs monthly meetings to remain up-to-date on important state legislation and relayed this information to the students.  All in all, this has been an exciting experience for all of us who participated.  It was a team effort that focused on advocating for the profession of physical therapy and support of Vision 2020.  We look forward to this year's challenge!

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