Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update by Terra Wishon (2nd year CU PT Student)

  A few bills are still being monitored for progress, please see Julie's last email. The board was established last year per last year's sunset act is still working on the wording of rules regarding PTA responsibilities. Currently in the rule, PTAs are not allowed to perform sharps debridement, triggerpoint dry needling, therapy on animals, or joint mobilizations. There is some wording in the rule that would allow a PTA to perform joint mobilizations, including grade V, if their supervising PT has determined that they are properly trained. In order to ensure patient safety and our right as a profession to perform grade V mobilizations, the GAC has recommended to the board that the wording be changed to simply PTAs can not do joint mobilizations. Grades of mobilization are not included in the rule, and the rules are not meant to very specifically spell out what PTAs are allowed to do so adding specifics about joint mobilizations does not seem to be an option. Other issues that are still being heavily discussed are continued competency and dilemma regarding recent graduates not being able to work for a few months until they are able to take the boards.
If you have any issues about current governmental affairs, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We will do our best to answer your questions or refer you to the correct people to talk to. Also please check the state advocacy page on the APTA website for more information (you do not have to be an APTA member to view this site). While you're there, click on the Take Action tab and document your activity for the Student Advocacy Challenge

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